Specializing in motorized surfboards and jetpacks to offer you a unique experience in creating your own waves.

Welcome to the most recognized, reliable and Advanced Jet Surfboard provider. Our staff members include highly skilled engineers who have already developed the best and the latest Jet powered Surfboards available on our store section page. Compared to other models, we have designed an environmentally friendly ECOTEK engine that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and all our models are recognised is most recreational facilities.


Surftek Surfboards is a Canadian company that develops electric and gas powered boards, each designed for different surfing styles. With our easy to browse online store and our friendly support team, you will definitely encounter a great shopping experience. Our unique Jet Surfboards are available in a wide range of colours, sizes as well as styles. They are fast and safer than a PWC, extremely comfortable, stylish and are made using the finest military grade materials.



Surftek is a Canadian/US company that develops electric and gas powered surfboards, each designed for different surfing styles. The advanced board features an integrated jet propulsion system and the EcoTek engine is environmentally friendly, producing far less emissions than any other personal water craft device and thereby ensuring our pristine lakes for future generations.


Ride quietly and eco-friendly because of the electric jet propulsion system which disturbs neither animals nor other people. Due to its light weight, handling of the Surftek Powered Surfboard is very easy to jump waves.


Surftek Surfboards key priority is to keep the safety of the products as high as possible ,for everyone and everything on and in the vicinity of the board. That's why the battery and all motor parts are fitted into a carbon-fibre-aluminum composite case. And just in case you might lose control an automated emergency stop mechanism will ensure that the power to the motor is shut off immediately.


"Amazingggg, I never been so in control over a surfboard before, I am seriously freaking out at the power of this surfboard. I have never ridden anything more maneuverable in my life , best surfboard by far, the speed , drive and control is incredible. super responsive. it certainly takes surfing to a new level./The surftek jetboard comes to life"

Robert Stratford

Client of Jet Surftek Surfboards

"I recently found out that this technology existed, had the opportunity to try it out and it was amazing, I live on the great lakes and waves are impossible , with the new surftek powered surfboard, I ride this board , no matter what the conditions are./Matt/Ontario Canada/Well Done Surftek Surfboards Matt"

Steve Delvicio

Client of Jet Surftek Surfboards

"This surfboard is a monster, it’s amazing, I am speechless dude,I don’t think I’m ever going to ride a normal surfboard again, its really sick!!!/Steve Delvicio/Miami Fl/Surf Perfect."

Richard de Vos

Client of Surftek Surfboards

"Wow, That what I can say, this is a versatile surfboard, incredibly easy to ride,extremely responsive and fast. This magical jet surfboard really creates a wave, I am just stoked at everytime I use this surfboard. This surftek surfboard sustains no damages, it must be made from kryptonite, makes surfing really fun,/Wow -What a great invention"

Best Jet board Ever

Client of Surftek Surfboards