Surftek Surfboards having a large collection of electric surfboards which is an electric jet board that lets riders surf calm waters. Electric Jet Surfboards can reach speeds up to 21 miles per hour and it's controlled by a wireless remote. Following is a transcript of our website.

Surfing without waves? Surftek Surfboards providing electric jet surfboards. Not waves? No problem. Surftek is also in for a treat. The electric jet board is perfect for lakes that prohibit electric-powered boats. Cut across calm waters with ease. The jet propulsion will thrust you forward. But how?

Surfboards are great and all, but they are clumsy to transport from beach to beach. Well, the Surftek AquaSurf Jet Surfboard is an inflatable surfboard with handlebars and a 15HP electric jet-ski style motor which can propel you up to 30MPH. Since it is inflatable, it could be squished down and travel with you easily.


Quench your thirst for water adventure by mastering your skills while riding its latest thrillers. There are the amazing electric surfboards that will clinch your kingship of the waters. Welcome the coming of the latest sports to test your surfing mastery through an electric surfboard. Look at its tremendous power of buoyancy and great stability. Water sport enthusiasts are given these magnificent boards designed exclusively for them to relax and at the same time relish the serenity of taking lengthy tours and jubilant excursions over water at low speed.

Before making the decision to invest in a jet surfboard, there are some things you need to consider. The market is full of all version and makes of the product. There is no perfect version. The suitability depends solely on personal preferences.

19-September, 2017
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Sports are the best way to test the power of man is it on air, land and water. Welcome to Surftek Jet Surfboards! Using ultra-lightweight motorized surfboards; this sport combines surfing, motor and sports that equals to recreational fun. Just like surfing, surfboards are used. If you want to add another feather to your cap as a sportsman, you can learn this sport. Just be sure to buy the best Jet Surfboards available in the market.

17-May, 2017
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Јеt bоаrdіng іs nоt раrtісulаrlу а nеw sроrt, but оnе thаt іs јust stаrtіng tо gаіn а wіdеr rесоgnіtіоn. Роwеr skііng аs іt іs оftеn саllеd, іs whеn уоu tаkе а јеt-еntеr оut іntо thе ореn wаtеr tо рlау. Іt іs а соmbіnаtіоn оf wаtеrskііng, snоw bоаrdіng, wіnd surfіng аnd surfіng аll іn оnе аmаzіnglу fun sроrt. Тhе јеt-еntеr іtsеlf іs а јеt-роwеrеd surfbоаrd thаt уоu stаnd оn аnd іt wіll рrореl уоu аt sрееds оf uр tо 70km/h. Іt іs оnе оf thоsе sроrts thаt іs sіmрlе еnоugh thаt еvеn thе nоvісе саn fіgurе іt оut, but іs сhаllеngіng еnоugh tо kеер а skіllеd јеt-еntеrеd еr еntеrtаіnеd.

17-May, 2017
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Our Surftek jetpacks is one of the most inventive products we have engineered thus far.. It is made out of aviation aluminium and it comes with adjustable arms for the ultimate experience. Of course, the jetpack a1lso has a pressure resistant and wear resistant water pipe and this helps you to take yourself to brand new heights without running the risk of damaging your equipment. The design is black, grey and red and it comes with everything you need to kick-start....

17-May, 2017
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If you have never owned a jet powered surfboard before or if you have never actually been surfing in the past before then you will want to make sure that you do everything you can to understand the sport and everything that it entails. Of course, when you go surfing normally you need to make sure that you have plenty of waves and you also need to make sure that the tide is good as well. With a jet powered surfboard you don’t need any of this, in fact.....

17-May, 2017
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Surftek is a modern enterprise integrated with development, design, manufacture and sales. The company is located in Ontario Canada. We specialize in jet powered surfboards, and electric surfboards.

Our company’s achievements is largely due to the support and relationship of the Northeastern University faculty.....

17-May, 2017
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Our primary goal was to develop a surfboard with an ecofriendly motor to catch waves more easily, so that you can catch waves wherever you live. As long as there is water, you can surf.

Surfers can surf now on every lake, rivers, Ocean and have not to wait for wind waves any longer.

17-May, 2017
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Our primary goal was to develop a surfboard with an ecofriendly motor to catch waves more easily, so that you can catch waves wherever you live. As long as there is water, you can surf.

Surfers can surf now on every lake, rivers, Ocean and have not to wait for wind waves any longer.

17-May, 2017
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Want More Grip on your Jet Surfboard? Here’s How To Wax It

If you have just purchased a jet surfboard then you will know that sometimes the water can be a little too slippery but there are ways to treat your board so when you do go into different waters, you can have the same level of control from start to finish. The first thing you will want to do is get a surfboard wax remover and some base coat wax.

17-May, 2017
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Are motorized surfboards set to take over surfing ? Recent developments in the technology that drives them have seen the craft ridden in some of the heaviest waves on the planet. Hawaiian waterman Kai Lenny, who also windsurfs as well as rides conventional surfboards and SUPs, recently rode a Aquasurf 150 cc motorized board at Jaws, the famous Maui big-wave spot. His waves at the break are considered the largest ever ridden on a motorized board.

17-May, 2017
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This summer I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try out Surftek’s jet propelled surfboards. To say I was intimidated and little bit scared would be an understatement. Though in earlier years, I was very athletic, let’s just say that life got in the way and I wouldn’t consider myself in good shape. I’m in my mid-thirties, and even though I used to be athletic, I have never skateboarded, snowboarded, downhill skied, water skied, used a wakeboard or even a jetski! I was definitely out of my element.

Why should you purchase a Surftek surfboard over a jet ski or seadoo? Many people are in the market today for a jet ski or seadoo, thinking that they are the ultimate in fun and performance on the water. I’m here to tell you that there is another option out there.

Surftek’s jet propelled surfboards take fun on the water to another level.

Surfing in canals, rivers, oceans, lakes on off days and getting disappointed if there aren’t any waves coming on the beach to allow you to glide through the water? You don’t have to be disappointed or look no further as Surftek has launched the next generation surfboards for people to enjoy surfing wherever and whenever they want. The company has revolutionized the surfing industry by launching its high-tech products. Surftek is offering the all new jet powered surfboards, which don’t need waves. It is an enterprise which has brought innovation and has the best R and D department to get the tek in the field of surfing. After much research and experiments, and hard work ofcos, our marine engineers have launched the best-designed motorized surfboards which are both user and environment-friendly. Now surfers don’t have to wait for that perfect wave to surf, as Surftek surfboards are not just a traditional jet-ski product, but they are a combination of next generation technology and the desire for people who love surfing.

Currently, Surftek is offering two models of Jet , motorized Surfboards.

  • Aquasurf 150
  • Nautilus 330

The Aquasurf 150 is designed for the surfers and we like to call it a family surfboard, as its stable yet powerful. whereas the Nautilus is a two stroke power machine , designed for high speed adrenelin junkies

Surftek has provided the detailed specification of both models as well as a broader understanding of the product for the consumer to make the right choice according to personal preference. Both the surfboards have a unique jet propulsion system and steer system to control the direction and the speed of the surfboard. Surftek Surfboards boasts that both models are simple to use and no surfing experience is required. It has gained popularity with both elder people and females . So surf lovers! What are you waiting for? The ultimate water power ride has been brought to you by us to take your surfing experience to the next level and make your surfing weekend plans thrilling, An experience with the Surftek Aquasurf Jet Surfboard will get you pumpin, We invite You To Create Your Wave