Get the best jet surfboards

Sports are the best way to test the power of man is it on air, land and water. Welcome to ...
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Јеt Воаrdіng - А Fun Νеw Ѕроrt Јеt bоаrdіng іs nоt раrtісulаrlу а nеw sроrt, but оnе thаt іs јust ...
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Surftek Jetpack Surfboards


Surftek Jetpack Our Surftek jetpacks is one of the most inventive products we have engineered thus far.. It is made ...
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WHERE CAN YOU SURF A JET POWERED SURFBOARD? If you have never owned a jet powered surfboard before or if ...
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Powered Surfboards


Surftek is a modern enterprise integrated with development, design, manufacture and sales. The company is located in Ontario Canada. We ...
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Motorized surfboards


Prepare to ride the surfboard of your dreams.....anywhere. Our primary goal was to develop a surfboard with an ecofriendly motor ...
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Create Waves by Motorized Surfboards


Surftek Motorized jet boards is a modern powered surfboard designed for portability, durability, efficiency, economy, and all round adventure. Our ...
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Surftek Jetboard


Want More Grip on your Jet Surfboard? Here's How To Wax It If you have just purchased a jet surfboard ...
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Powered Surfboards


Are motorized surfboards set to take over surfing ? Recent developments in the technology that drives them have seen the ...
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Powered Surfboards

This summer I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try out Surftek’s jet propelled surfboards. To say I ...
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Why should you choose a Surftek Surfboard over a Jet ski or a Seadoo

Why should you purchase a Surftek surfboard over a jet ski or seadoo? Many people are in the market today ...
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Surftek High-tech Motorized Surfboards- the Ultimate Next Generation Surf Boards

Surfing in canals, rivers, oceans, lakes on off days and getting disappointed if there aren’t any waves coming on the beach to allow you to glide through the water? You don’t have to be disappointed or look no further as Surftek has launched the next generation surfboards for people to enjoy surfing wherever and whenever they want. The company has revolutionized the surfing industry by launching its high-tech products. Surftek is offering the all new jet powered surfboards, which don’t need waves. It is an enterprise which has brought innovation and has the best R and D department to get the tek in the field of surfing. After much research and experiments, and hard work ofcos, our marine engineers have launched the best-designed motorized surfboards which are both user and environment-friendly. Now surfers don’t have to wait for that perfect wave to surf, as Surftek surfboards are not just a traditional jet-ski product, but they are a combination of next generation technology and the desire for people who love surfing.
Currently, Surftek is offering two models of Jet , motorized Surfboards.
• Aquasurf 150
• Nautilus 330
The Aquasurf 150 is designed for the surfers and we like to call it a family surfboard, as its stable yet powerful. whereas the Nautilus is a two stroke power machine , designed for high speed adrenelin junkies
Surftek has provided the detailed specification of both models as well as a broader understanding of the product for the consumer to make the right choice according to personal preference. Both the surfboards have a unique jet propulsion system and steer system to control the direction and the speed of the surfboard. Surftek Surfboards boasts that both models are simple to use and no surfing experience is required. It has gained popularity with both elder people and females . So surf lovers! What are you waiting for? The ultimate water power ride has been brought to you by us to take your surfing experience to the next level and make your surfing weekend plans thrilling, An experience with the Surftek Aquasurf Jet Surfboard will get you pumpin,
We invite You To Create Your Wave